Affilates, Emails, Privacy, Oh My!

I’ve started using affiliate links and third party ads on the site. I’m still working through all that but I wanted you to know it was there. If a post contains affiliate links, it’ll be disclosed.

There are a couple of places to put your email address and other information. My email provider is MailChimp and the blog subscription goes through WordPress. I don’t sell your stuff.

There are impression trackers. I am not fully sure how they work, but they do. They are super basic. I know when someone has been here and roughly where they come from. Affiliates do better in this regard. However, I have no access to or control over these cookies.

I link to all kinds of places on the net. When I originally post a link, I feel pretty comfortable with the legitimacy and the appropriateness of the content. But it’s the web. As such, I can’t control them and am not responsible for the content or privacy practices other sites. Come across something crazy? Feel free to let me know.

If this information changes, I’ll update it here.